We first broke the news that Cro-Mag Rally was heading to Windows Phone back in May. The prehistoric kart racer will finally make it to Xbox Live next week and you can see some of the official screenshots above and below.

Cro-Mag Rally is the first Xbox Live kart racer on Windows Phone. Players can choose either a male or female cavedude and one of 11 different unlockable vehicles. Like all good kart games, weapons and powerups play a role in the outcome of each race. These include nitro boosts, oil slicks, Roman candles, bone bombs, and lots more. Cro-Mag Rally’s nine tracks each represent a major prehistoric age: Stone, Bronze, and Iron. The original game was developed by Pangea Software, makers of Enigmo, and the Windows Phone port comes from tight-lipped Citizen 12 Studio.

Cro-Mag Rally races to the Marketplace on Wednesday, August 3 for the low price of $2.99. That makes it the cheapest racer on Windows Phone! Let’s hope it doesn’t skimp on the fun.

A quick video demo after the break...