Been traveling all day, but here's some early CTIA news:

Palm today announced that an update to the Windows Mobile 6 Professional operating system will be available for Treo 750 smartphone customers around the world.

As a Treo 750v owner, all I can say is W00T. Sure, the earlier rumor about free WM6 updates for vendors was false, but that didn't mean that updates wouldn't happen for us WM5 users. It was confirmed for the Dash, now it (finally) for the Treo 750. Who's next? I don't know yet, but I'm looking at you, Cingular. WM6 on the Blackjack and the 8525 sounds pretty tasty to me. Update: Ask and ye shall receive - Engadget reports that the very devices I was wishing for in the preceding sentence are also getting WM6 treatment.

In any case, if you're hot and bothered about the particular phone you have in your pocket, this MSDN blog entry may offer some hope:

CTIA is next week. It's the biggest industry event for the cellular industry in the US, and a great opportunity for other operators to announce upgrades ;-) I promise to post them on my blog as soon as they are, if anyone were to annoucne anything :-)

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