Cut and Hack

Cut and Hack for Windows Phone is getting a nice update today. You'll recall that Cut and Hack is a 'hacking' simulator from Android and iOS that came to Windows Phone last month. Today's update for Cut and Hack adds new features, like the new Survive mode, and includes bug fixes for low-memory devices.

Here's the full list of changes you'll find in version of Cut and Hack on Windows Phone:

  • Added a completely new Survive mode with a lot of new gameplay mechanics and progression with increasing difficulty (unlocked when reaching 12th level or for 4.000 Credits)
  • Added a new and beautiful White theme of the game (all the black menu/game things turns to heavenly white :))
  • Added a live tile (displays your highest score in Rush and highest time Survive mode)
  • Fixed a lot of bugs (Nokia Lumia 525 problems, when playing music in background crashing, etc.)
  • Lot of other improvements and tweaks

Cut and Hack

We like Cut and Hack. It's a great game to waste a few minutes when you had some time to kill. It's fairly addicting trying to best your top score. We can't wait to play the new Survive mode!

Let us know what you think of today's update below in the comments.

Cut and Hack is a free game for Windows Phone. It is ad-supported, but you can remove those advertisements with an in-app purchase. Additional in-app purchases can help you purchase multipliers and other game modifiers.

Thanks for the tip Blake and Daniel!

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