Yesterday we reported that Windows Phone 7 would not receive an Xbox release this week. As it turns out, the information we received was slightly incomplete. The oft-requested Cut the Rope as finally arrived on Windows Phone 7 and is fully compatible with WP8. Instead of Chillingo, this version comes from the original developer, Zeptolab UK.

Cut the RopeA bit of Cut the Rope history: way back in 2011, Windows Phone Central ran a contest in which we asked readers which mobile games they would like to see ported to our OS as Xbox Live titles. One of the runner-up suggestions was Cut the Rope. Now that the game has finally arrived, it has the honor of being the first from our readers’ ten most-wanted games to appear on Windows Phone. Let’s hope more will follow!

Although Cut the Rope has been conspicuous in its absence, we’ve actually had a very good substitute for about a year now: MaxNick’s Spider Jack. That game is a clone of Cut the Rope but stars a spider who eats flies. At last Windows Phone players can experience the original and better known game, though they won’t find a whole lot different in this one.

The premise of Cut the Rope is simple. A little creature called Om Nom arrives on the player’s doorstep. The thing craves candy and it’s your job to give it to him. In each level, a candy hands from one or more pieces of rope. You’ll need to cut the ropes in the right order to make it swing into Om Nom’s mouth. Levels also have three stars to collect by making the candy swing through them. With 300 levels and some fairly unique Achievements (compared to Spider Jack), this one should keep players busy for a while.

Cut the Rope costs $.99 and there is a free trial no trial for some reason. Get the full game here on the Windows Phone Store.

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