Cyber Dust secure messaging to launch next month for privacy-conscious Windows Phone users

If BBM and the variety of third-party Snapchat clients aren't secure enough for your messaging needs, entrepreneur Mark Cuban has announced on Twitter that Cyber Dust will be launching next month on Windows Phone. Cyber Dust promises to be a secure, fun messaging experience with stickers, self-destructing messages, and alerts if someone has attempted to save your message by capturing a screen shot.

"Go to and sign up to get preview," Cuban told a Twitter follower who asked of the service, noting that it is coming next month.

And to add features that are specific to Windows Phone, users can also "pin sent messages" to their home screens so that they can remember the conversation. For fun, you can blast messages and location to multiple followers as well as send out stickers, URLs, and disappearing animated GIFs.

As the service is already available on Android and iOS, when it launches for Windows Phone Cyber Dust will be cross-platform compatible so you can message friends who are using these other OSes.

Is this an app and service you're looking forward to using and trying out? If so, be sure to visit the source link and register your email.

Source: Cyber Dust via Mark Cuban