Cyber Dust

Cyber Dust, the popular messaging app that counts Shark Tank member Mark Cuban as an investor, has updated its Windows Phone version. That version, which is developed and maintained by well-known Windows Phone app maker Rudy Huyn, has a number of improvement and bug fixes with this update.

In case you are not familiar with Cyber Dust, it's basically a mix of WhatsApp and Snapchat, with users able to send texts, photos and videos to each other. Those messages expire 24 seconds later without being stored anywhere beforehand.

Here's what's new in the version:

  • Several performance improvements.
  • Eliminated that annoying jittery movement in the dust and friends lists.
  • Clearing just the empty or all dust rooms is easy now.
  • The green message counter only shows the number of dusts in the room. A separate icon appears when there are blasts in the room.
  • When typing a +username in a dust or a blast text, matching friends are now a tap away, eliminating misspelled user names.
  • We've improved message encryption.
  • And, we've fixed several bugs you've reported to us. Thank you.

Thanks to Sean for the tip!

Download Cyber Dust from the Windows Phone Store

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