Dance Central 2 for WP7

We've been talking about Microsoft needs to capitalize on their Xbox 360 success with Windows Phone--tie them together so that Windows Phone becomes synonymous with the popular gaming console. The companion app that's coming tomorrow is a big step in that direction.

Another step would be to ride on the coattails of some of the platform's most popular games--in this case Xbox Kinect's Dance Central 2. Dance Central 2 is the wildly popular sequel to one of last year's biggest Kinect titles. It's that game that allows you to hilariously embarrass yourself in front of friends and family as you attempt to mimic dancing while the Kinect tries to, ahem, correct your moves.

Now we just received this picture of what appears to be a mini-Dance Central 2 game coming to Windows Phone. In the game description, it reads:

"Record a video of yourself or your friends dancing to one of seven Dance Central 2 tracks and turn your video into a polished music video with the look and feel of Dance Central.

Share your video on Facebook or challenge your friends to "battle". Coming Soon!"

We have to believe it's legit, after all, who'd make up something so potentially humiliating? (Or maybe we're the wrong demographic). Regardless of who this is for we really dig the idea of these companion apps. No word on if it uses the Kinect like Kinectimals or if it is completely independent. We're going to send our own Paul Acevedo on a recon mission to dig up some more info.

Big thanks to Anon for the pic!