Andy Lees, fresh off chatting up The New York Times, now has sat down with CNET's Ina Fried, giving us a couple more things to ponder as we await Mobile World Congress and the expected announcement of Windows Mobile 6.5, and the future cloud services.

There's not too much newness here — Windows Mobile 6.5's supposed to keep us going until WM7 finally is released, the new Internet Explorer Mobile, those "Sky" cloud services. But Microsoft's VP of all-things-mobile does offer a little bit of what some of the Danger team (the group behind the Sidekick that was purchased by Microsoft last year) has been up to.

Microsoft has two separate teams at work on the services piece. One is Microsoft's Windows Live group, while the other is a rather secretive group headed by former Mac unit head Roz Ho--a group that also includes the team Microsoft acquired when it bought Danger. Lees declined to say specifically what Ho is up to, however.

And that's still in line with what we'd been thinking all along. We weren't expecting a Windows Mobile Sidekick. Rather, it's the services Microsoft was after.

Fried also gets Lees to geek out a little over some upcoming devices. And if this pans out, it could radically change the Windows Mobile front.

He noted that the power of the kinds of phones that come out next year will be incredible, well beyond even today's devices. Phones next year will have dual-core processors, super-fast data connections, and graphics power rivaling that of the original Xbox.

But our first thought after reading that is, what's it gonna cost us? But no matter what, we're getting more and more psyched for Mobile World Congress and beyond.

Ina Fried's Beyond Binary