One question we hear a lot from new WM users is do they need an anti-virus program for their device?

Norton, Kaspersky, Spybot, Airscanner and Bit Defender all have WM versions available already--so it's not surprising to find someone wondering if they need it.

The general answer we give is for now: no--you don't need this software. Using it will merely slow down your device, is added cost and premature.

Just last week though, the BBC ran a story--the yearly "mobile viruses are coming!" one. Since 2003, when PPCs started to really take off, we've been constantly hearing & preparing for the big day these viruses take off. Surely that day will happen, but so far it has not and there have not been any popular or pervasive attacks. Plus, with the fractionation of mobile OSs, there is no prime target (though Symbian is up there).

Still, the best protection is always knowledge. Be careful of where you get your files from (trusted software distributors only), don't run files from unknown email and keep up with mobile technology news ;-)

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