The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world following a terrible event that throws humanity into chaos. After huge thorns emerge from the ground, these mysterious objects leave the world is a state of disrepair. What's left of humanity is wiped out by hostile creatures that accompany the thorns.

The only survivors of the cataclysm are now vampires who have to feed on blood in order to stay alive. Trained to wield an array of weapons and supernatural abilities, these vampires try to slay the monsters roaming the streets and harvest their blood. The game appears to be more focused on trying to survive in this harsh environment rather than an epic quest to restore humanity.

Today, Bandai Namco revealed a new trailer for Code Vein. According to the publisher, the content of this trailer contains a sneak peek of the dramatic story, and you can also learn about why certain characters are immortal through the dialogue. This video also shows off an anime clip that focuses on various individuals fighting each other and the monsters. It seems as if in-fighting among the survivors will be a central theme in the game.

If you like Dark Souls-like experiences, be sure to keep an eye out on Code Vein next year. The anime visuals coupled with the tense combat make it unique. Here's hoping that the finished game will live up to everyone's expectations. Bandai Namco also confirmed that Code Vein will be enhanced for Xbox One X when it launches.

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