Outlook Dark Theme

Say hello to dark and mysterious Outlook

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Update: We have confirmation that this feature is indeed in the final release. More over, it's an optional setting within the app.

Outlook for Windows Phone has been given a second look for those who enjoy using the dark theme. AnandTech took the recently announced Lumia 920 for a spin and in their hands-on video footage, one can clearly see Outlook sporting a different look – it’s certainly easy to overlook if you’re not the most observant soul.

While we can see the email listing rendered in a dark theme as opposed to the usual light (possibly reflecting the selected OS theme or it could well be an app-specific setting), it looks as though email creation and possibly reading will still be done on a light theme. We're unable to shed any light (pun not intended) on this so email reading could well follow suit and take on dark themes too.

Check out the video below to see the quick glance at the Windows Phone 8 Outlook app - at about 4:14. We also get to see the sensitive screen put to the test.

What do you make of the new style to Outlook on Windows Phone? Will you be using the light or dark theme in Apollo? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

Thanks, Travis L, for the tip!