Here's a quick look at a Windows Game that is a nice way to pass the time with. Darts Champ is as described, a challenging game of darts.

Throwing the darts is done by swiping at the screen. The faster the swipe, the more power and elevation in the toss. Scoring is traditional and you have twenty darts to toss. The goal is simple, score as many points as possible.

Darts Champ has an online leaderboard where you can submit your score for bragging rights. The leaderboard is broken down by weekly and all-time scores. The graphics and sound effects are nice but the dart toss is a little tricky.

The speed of the swipe controls the elevation but it's very tricky to control the windage.  The difficulty in aiming can be a little frustrating making the game a little limited on staying power. Dart Champs is a fun game to play in short spurts but beyond that, the lack of control will get to you.

Darts Champ comes in two versions. A free, ad-supported game (Darts Champs Free) and a paid, ad-free version (Darts Champs) that runs $.99. You can find Darts Champ Free here and Darts Champ here (both links open Zune) at the Marketplace.