The latest Nielsen report on cell phone indicates that data usage is up. In the U.S. smartphone data usage is up 89% compared to last year and the average Windows Phone user has doubled their data usage over the past two quarters.

From the November launch (4th Quarter 2010) to the end of the first quarter 2011 (March 2011) data usage climbed from 149mb to 317mb. 

And Windows Phone users aren't alone.  The report shows that all the major smartphone systems are experiencing a steady climb with respect to data usage. Except one, Windows Mobile that is steadily declining (no surprise there).  On the plus side, the Nielson report indicates that the average smartphone user pays almost 50% less per megabyte of data from last year. The price per data unit has dropped from 14 cents per mb to 8 cents.

It's no secret that Windows Phones are more data dependent. From updating Facebook statuses of contacts to downloading apps to uploading scores to leader boards to checking your email, there are very few aspects of the Windows Phones that don't tap into some form of data.

But is this an increase or Windows Phone users hitting a plateau? Or is it the end result of more apps hitting the Marketplace increasing the phone's capabilities? In looking at my data usage since November 2010, asides from two spikes, my data usage has remained fairly consistent (300-400mb per month).

What's your data usage look like? Has your usage doubled since Windows Phone 7 launched?

Source: nielsonwire via: wpsauce