Surface Pro 3

David Pogue, formerly of the New York Times and now of Yahoo! Tech, is a very well-known tech pundit. While he can be divisive for some, you can’t argue that what he says gets heard by the masses. Forget niche tech sites, he’s one of those people that the average user often pays attention to, ergo what he says matters – for better or for worse.

Pogue just shared his thoughts on the Surface Pro 3 and he has nothing but praise for the latest creation, calling it a “marvel of engineering," “There’s nothing like it,” and “We, the buying public, are not giving it a fair shake.”

While his early review of the device is impressive, and he makes some very good arguments for the Surface Pro 3, it’s his lede video that puts it all together – in an admittedly humorous and entertaining way. The three minute video extols the virtues and benefits of the Surface Pro 3 when compared to the iPad, using the familiar ‘Mac vs. PC’ style from Apple years ago. Pogue makes some compelling reasons why the Surface Pro 3 is better all-around than an iPad, including its price, the ability to run full apps, the kickstand and of course the Type Cover.

At three minutes, it’s too long for TV, but with Pogue’s reputation, we’re certainly delighted to see this tech pundit side with Microsoft instead of Apple for a change. Regardless of what you think of him, it’s a must-see video, so make sure you share it and get the word out (unfortunately, it uses Yahoo!’s own video player, so no YouTube linking).

Go read his full review and tell us what you think in comments. Has Pogue convinced you on the merits of the Surface Pro 3?

Source: Yahoo! Tech