JBL 12 Days of Deals

Update: It appears the sales price for the JBL J55 Headphones is $29.95 while supplies last.  

Update 2:  The $29.95 sales price was the door buster price.  The sales price has jumped to $49.95, while remaining supplies last.

Day Eleven has arrived for Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals promotion with the savings spotlight being cast on the JBL J55 On-Ear Headphones.  It may not be as exciting of a deal as yesterday’s free AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520, but if you are in the market for a Bluetooth speaker, it could save you a few bucks.

As with all the 12 Days of Deals specials, the sale begins at 7am PST/10am EST.  We expect the first twenty customers at participating Microsoft Stores (US/Canada) and the first one hundred online customers should be able to pick the JBL Headphones for a steal of a price.  After the initial door buster deals are gone, the headphones will be priced at a considerable savings while supplies last.

We'd like to fill in the blanks on the pricing but it appears that Microsoft had an eleventh hour change for today's 12 Days of Deals sales item.  The leaked sales list had the JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker on the chopping block.  So the JBL Headphones are a wee bit of a surprise and the pricing will be a mystery until sales time.  The 12 Days of Deals has contained some nice savings but the promotion has not been well defined at times.

We will update the post once the pricing for today's deals come to light.  In the meantime, you can find all the ordering information on the JBL J55 On-Ear Headphones here at the Microsoft Store website.

Good luck if you are in the hunt for today’s 12 Days of Deals offering and remember we are down to six more shopping days until Christmas!