De-Bugs is the latest Windows Phone release from software developers XIMAD. The game has you de-bugging 95 acres of lakes in the land of Mystery Pond.

To clear the ponds of bugs you essentially knock them into each other to get them to fly off. You have two means of accomplishing this. You can flick/swipe at the bugs to get them to slam into each other or the age-old method of tapping, pulling and launching them. You can bank the bugs off the edges of the screens as well as bouncing them off one another.

When hit, the bugs will start to flitter their wings and fly off. Only being hit by a like-colored bug will get them to fly off and to make the game challenging, your racing the clock to clear your lake.  If you miss your target or hit a bug of a different color, you'll loose points.

Another thing to be careful of is leaving a single bug of any particular color in the water. Eventually another bug of the same color will appear but it will cost you precious seconds off the clock. You get three chances per game and then it's game over.

De-Bugs does have an online leaderboard and a "secret" tilt control (hadn't figured that one out yet). De-Bugs is an entertaining, free, ad-supported game. You can download it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.