People who pre-order the upcoming Xbox One and Windows 10 zombie action game Dead Rising 4 will get a wacky weapon to take out the undead. The Microsoft Store, Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop will each have a different and exclusive pre-order weapon.

Dead Rising 4

Xbox Wire has the details of each of the pre-order weapons:

Fans who pre-order the Dead Rising 4 Standard Edition from the Microsoft Store will receive the exclusive X-Fists DLC, which allow you to smash and bash your way through the zombie mayhem while equipped in an EXO Suit.

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If you buy the game from Amazon, the pre-order weapon is the Slicecycle:

The Slicecycle, a combo chain saw and motorcycle with superior strength and speed to slice your way effectively through the zombie horde. If the streets of Willamette are getting too congested, just clear them out with the Slicecycle!

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Best Buy consumers can get the holiday-themed Candy Cane Crossbow when they pre-order Dead Rising 4:

The Candy Cane Crossbow, which allows you to share your holiday spirit by firing candy canes at your favorite zombie targets. Just try to resist eating all of your ammo.

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Finally, GameStop pre-orders can claim the oddest weapon of all: the Steampunk Snowman Head:

The Steampunk Snowman Head, a combo weapon that shoots snowballs at zombies and freezes them in their tracks. Once they're stopped, you can shatter them!

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Dead Rising 4, developed by Capcom Vancouver, will be released on December 6. Which pre-order weapon is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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