With just over a month remaining until Dead Rising 4's launch, the game is now available for pre-load on the Xbox One.

Pre-loading is currently available for those who have preordered any of the game's digital versions. It appears the game's file size is currently 36.34 GB on the Xbox One, coming in at nearly 10 GB larger than the previous entry to the series.

If you're planning to pre-load Dead Rising 4, the game's download will automatically commence ahead of launch. This will download the whole 36.34 GB installation and any other updates that are released for the title ahead of launch.

As of right now the game is unavailable to pre-load on the Windows Store, but there's still another month remaining before launch. Dead Rising 4 releases for both Xbox One and Windows 10 on December 6, but won't be taking part in the Play Anywhere initiative.