Store Changelog

Changelogs. They’re the list of reasons why we want to update an app or game. It’s the simplest thing that some app creators often ignore. It’s baffling. Version 1.2 of your app is out? Great, umm, why do I care unless you tell me?

Granted, in Windows Phone 8.0, and earlier there was no real region for a proper list of changes, resulting in some developers creating pop-up screens detailing the fixes upon first launch, or a separate area under ‘About’ where they can detail their continuing hard work, or even jamming it under the app description in the Store. It wasn’t ideal, but people definitely appreciated the effort.

But developers, you no longer have such an excuse with Windows Phone 8.1. And we hope you notice.

For our audience, if you head to the Store in the 8.1 Preview, you can tap on an app to see the new layout. There are four sections, including Overview, Reviews, Details and Related. You’ll want to start paying attention to the Details page, because developers now have an optional ‘New in this version’ subheading. That’s where you’ll find those app changes (assuming the developer filled it out).

Changelogs are a small but important addition. We’re already seeing our favorite indie developers using it with vigor for each and every 0.01 update. And that’s just it, my developer friends. No one cares how insignificant the change in your app or game is just tell us, because if you don’t care enough to tell me, then I feel less inclined to update. Plus, you will look like you’re doing stuff to support your creation! At the very least, give yourself some credit for your programming effort.

Microsoft has now given you the proper space to talk to your audience. Use it. They’ll thank you for it.