One of the more unique Windows Phone 7 applications has to be Death Timerz by Licantrop0. The application will tell you how old you are down to the seconds as well as calculate when you are expected to pass.

While the application sounds a little creepy (okay maybe a lot creepy) it predicts your lifespan based on a multi-question survey.

Ease on past the break to see how longer I have and what this unique application has to offer.

Your Age

When you first launch Death Timerz you will need to enter your date of birth and time of birth. Once you save your birthday, you are sent to an information hub that will tell you your age down to the second. Swiping over you will see how many days out your next birthday is.

Your Death

Just past the Next Birthday screen you'll find your Time of Death screen. Until you take the personality test, this screen will remain blank.

The eleven question survey asks you about your smoking, drug, and alcohol consumption as well as exercise habits and hieght and weight. Using this information, Death Timerz will predict how much longer you have to enjoy things.

Based on my answers, I have until I'm 73. If I loose a little weight, improve my diet, and exercise daily I gain seven years.

Death Timerz does toss in the following disclaimer.

"Death Timerz should be intended only for fun. No medical or statistical data is used to calculate the time of your death."

We couldn't agree more and found the novelty application interesting and definitely a conversation starter. It ran smoothly and it is interesting to have your age broken down to the second.

If you're looking for a unique application for your Windows Phone and the fart apps have gotten old, Death Timerz is worth a gander. It's a free application over at the Marketplace so you don't have anything to loose to try it.

You can find your copy of Death Timerz here (opens your Zune desktop).