Deepshining ROM HTC TITAN

The brains over on the XDA Developers forum have cooked up another custom ROM for the HTC TITAN. The Deepshining custom ROM bundles a number of features and improvements on top of the already butter smooth operating system. We previously looked at the Deepshining custom ROM for the HTC HD7, which introduced custom themes among other tweaks.

So what's included in this ROM? It sports a number of features that reminds us of the 'WPV 8779 Nokia Edition v3' ROM we covered not so long ago. dotcompt highlights the following of Deepshining:

  • Tango (build 7.10.8779.8) with Internet sharing
  • Developer Interop unlock + Max number unsigned apps + prevent re-locking
  • 25 Languages
  • 13 available themes and 19 accents
  • OEM apps from HTC Omega like HTC Hub, Notes, Attentive phone.
  • Deepshining apps: Spot On, Devstore8 and WP Extended
  • Nokia Camera Extras, Nokia Contact Share and Nokia Counters

As always with any custom ROM or modifications to your Windows Phone, you should proceed with caution and at your own risk. Windows Phone Central can not take any responsibility should your device become self-aware after loading this ROM. Should it plan for world domination, it unfortunately comes down to you as the owner. Head on over to the XDA Developers thread for more information and to download.

Source: XDA Developers; thanks, rockstarzzz, for the heads up!