Andy Lein, over at PocketNow had got his hands on the Dell Venue Pro back in December (2010 for those who require reminding) and the 16GB version of the device proved to be disappointing with reliability.

"I got my first 16Gb Dell Venue Pro on December 23rd, 2010 and I soon noticed that it would freeze up or go to a totally black screen (except for the clock) while downloading and installing large apps over WiFi."

Ordering a replacement for his malfunctioning Venue Pro, Dell finally shipped his new toy, which arrived a few days ago (January 18th). I know what you're thinking - the problem must be fixed.

"Then a new Dell Venue Pro arrived on my doorstep on January 18th! Unfortunately, the new 16Gb Dell Venue Pro had the same problem. "

Ah the excitement then the sudden realization of the problem still persisting to exist. Check out the video to see what happens, should you have a Venue Pro yourself and see if you can reproduce the fault.

With the continued problems that Dell seem to be experiencing, I'm almost beginning to believe that they may be considering for a quick second "why did we enter the WP7 smartphone market?". Hopefully, Dell's future will be solid in the near future as it's fantastic to have such a huge technological brand backing Microsoft on their mobile platform.

Do you own a Venue Pro, and have problems? Have you had a replacement?

Source: PocketNow