Dell UltraSharp 27

Dell today announced a new screen for your desk at Dell World in Austin. The UltraSharp 27 Monitor is a Ultra HD 5K display that will blow your mind with a resolution of 5120 x 2880. Fancy investing in a new screen to really show off those beautiful photos you captured through the week? Look no further than Dell.

If the resolution wasn't enough to warrant a purchase, the 27-inch Dell UltraSharp display comes with six USB ports and a media card reader for all your peripherals. The Dell UltraSharp monitor will be available for pre-order on November 13 with shipping to commence on December 18. No information on pricing as of yet.

Our sibling site, iMore, just posted their Retina 5K iMac review. If Dell is using the same panel, our eyes will be in for a treat.

Dell Smart Desk

As well as announcing the new screen, Dell also unveiled a future concept of a new input device. As one can see in the above image, the Dell "smart desk" is designed for digital artists, engineers, architects and other professionals who require such an accurate device with pen support.

"Placed in a natural, horizontal location that is more comfortable for touch interaction, the Dell smart desk provides a work surface that aligns closely with the productivity requirements of professional software applications. Paired with a vertical display and powered by plug-ins to key ISV applications, it instinctually separates seeing from doing; primary work activities are close to the user while secondary ones are further away, accessible through intuitive screen swipes."

Would you be interested in the "smart desk" if it was made available?

Source: Dell

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