True to his word, Lionel Menchaca from Dell has taken to the Dell blog to detail the February and March Windows Phone update aka pre-NoDo and NoDo for the Venue Pro. Adding some transparency to the process, something we know all of you like, they explain a bit of their method going on with the update and when you can expect it. While nothing earth shattering is revealed, it's nice to see some info direct from Dell on the matter, as we know many of you are anxiously waiting for NoDo (unless, of course, you forced the update, cough).

  • Last week, we started a phased rollout of the Microsoft Copy and Paste update in EMEA and India.
  • On March 29, we began a phased rollout of the Copy and Paste update to T-Mobile customers in the United States.
  • There will be a Dell update that will provide additional enhancements/ fixes coming after this Copy and Paste Microsoft update. I don't have an ETA for the Dell update just yet.
  • While the Copy and Paste update rollout started yesterday, it will happen in a phased rollout over the next few weeks.

Unfortunately while the pre-NoDo/NoDo updates are discussed in detail, the big upcoming Dell firmware update, which is expected to address some system instabilities and bugs on the Venue Pro is not. But, it is confirmed that it IS coming and that it exists, which, we really like the idea of and we're sure you do too. They'll post more when they can, but we've heard mid-to-late April for this firmware update--we wouldn't bet our life on that date though. Regardless, we'll be anxiously awaiting--the DVP is one sexy device and if Dell can iron out those remaining bugs, found mostly in the 16GB versions, we'll be very happy.

Source: Direct2Dell