Dell Venue Pro

Michael Dell has been wanting to take the company he founded in 1984 private for a long time. The computer technology company which went public in 1988, is now going to be a private company going forward. Dell shareholders approved a 24.4 billion buyout deal that allowed the company to be bought by Michael Dell and private equity firm Silver Lake Partners. The deal was helped along with a $2 billion loan from Microsoft. Is anything changing for Dell?

Why did Michael Dell want to take his company private? Dell has struggled for a number of years in the eyes of Wall Street. Stock for Dell hit an all-time high at the top of the dotcom bubble in 2000 when it sold for $65 per share. The next high after the dotcom era came in 2005 when it traded at $40. After that it never satisfied Wall Street.

The move to go private allows Michael Dell and Dell to make changes to the future of the company without decisions scrutinized by investors. Changes like focus more on the enterprise market vs. the consumer market. Read more about the deal from our earlier analysis.

What happens, we just really want to get our hands on the recently announced Dell Venue. Maybe a Venue Pro 2? One can dream.

Source: Business Wire Via: The Verge