Speaking of September 15th, the AT&T branded Dell Venue Pro was suppose to re-launch on that day. Speculation at the time implied that perhaps it was to re-launch with a Mango update of its own. That would have been welcomed too because to be honest, we're using that phone as our daily driver (and we have about five to possible choose from) and it's pretty great.

However, when we just zoomed by the Dell page to see what did happen, we were surprised to note that there are no AT&T nor T-Mobile contract phones available for purchase at all--they're completely gone. The only option is for the unlocked version, which is still a heck of a deal.

So what gives? We're not sure and Dell is pretty quiet about these things. Perhaps this is just temporary while Microsoft and Dell regroup for Mango? On the other hand, could we be seeing the continued winding down of Dell from the Windows Phone camp? So far, no new Mango phones from them have shown, despite their earlier leaked roadmap. We hope that's not the case, but we have a bad feeling.

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