Dell Stinks

Dell released the Latitude 6430u Ultrabook as a notebook as an affordable light and portable machine for the business professional. We have been quite happy with the new direction of design Dell has been headed in, but there is one problem – one of their laptops “smell of cat urine”.

According to reports from the BBC, “a number of users” have been complaining that some of their Latitude Ultrabooks “smell of cat urine”. While not a very appealing scent, Dell engineers have assured that the machines have not been biologically contaminated and there is no health hazard.

The problem is most likely due to a faulty manufacturing process and Dell is asking any users who are experiencing the issue to send their laptop back for repair and new parts.

Dell wants to assure that “if you order an E6430u now, it will not have the issue” and once again “the smell it not related to cat urine or any other type of biological contaminant, nor is it a health hazard”.

 Source: BBC