Dell's building up to a re-launch of sorts for the Dell Venue Pro. The Windows Phone 7 device has been hard to find since it launched a few weeks ago but Dell is reporting that production is being ramped up so the phone can be launched on a bigger scale. It's as if Dell's announcing they're taking a mulligan or a do-over on the Venue Pro's launch.

According to Dell's Blog Site,

"Bottom line, Dell wants to be sure when you place an order that we can ship your Venue Pro in a timely manner."

While it's nice to see Dell working towards such a standard, there was no mention as to when we'll see the "bigger scaled launch". When Dell recognized problems with the Venue Pro's Wi-fi, they expected shipments to resume on November 19th.  Add the issues experienced in the U.K. causing shipments delayed until January 2011, we might be in for a longer than expected wait.

Now as far as the expansion card, in the same post, Dell will only support the micro-SD card configuration that you order. They warn if you remove the Venue Pro's microSD card, the phone will not work. While there may be a way to dismantle the Venue Pro, the microSD cared slot was designed not to be user-accessible.

Source: Dell; via TMoNews, Engadget