Oh uh, this is not good. With reports of Wi-Fi issues, shipping engineering devices and just general shortages, Dell is not off to a good start with the Venue Pro. And things may have just become worse. According to Clove UK, one of the first sites to offer pre-orders for the device, they're now expecting delays of stock till January. Yup, that's a full 8 weeks away (give or take). We're also told that people who pre-ordered are receiving email notifications of the expected delay.

Is Dell checking their production for errors or are they just having supply issues themselves? No word yet though we're reaching out to Dell for answers. All of this is a shame really since besides the Samsung Focus, the Venue Pro is one of the most anticipated and coveted devices by our readers (see our poll). The bigger question now is: What does this mean for the U.S.?

Dell isn't the only one with problems: my HTC HD7 still hasn't shipped from Amazon despite a pre-order and is not expected to ship for at least a week or two (luckily I have another HD7 already). Anyone else experiencing these delays?

Source: Clove UK; Thanks for tip, GP07.

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