The other day we posted that the Dell Venue Pro appeared to be no longer available with contractual discounts for either AT&T or T-Mobile. It looked like the only way to buy the Windows Phone from Dell was to buy the unlocked AT&T or T-Mobile versions.

With the help of one of our readers we have learned that Dell is still offering the Venue Pro on contract with T-Mobile. You just have to hunt for the listings.

You see Dell has a T-Mobile and AT&T page that lists all their electronic gadgets that operate on those respective networks. Listed amongst the tablets and connected laptops on the T-Mobile page is the Dell Venue Pro (here's our review).  You can purchase the Dell Venue Pro for the low, contractually discounted price of $.99 after agreeing to a two year contract with T-Mobile. 

You can find the T-Mobile version of the Venue Pro with contractual discounts here.

Oddly, the unlocked version is going for $334.98 on the Dell T-Mobile page but over here on Dell's main smartphone page, the DVP is going for $299.99. All of which makes us wonder if Dell forgot to update these pages when they took the contract discounts off the main page.

Either way, contract or not, the Dell Venue Pro is a nice Windows Phone (that grows on you) at a decent price.

source: glanceandgoradio Thanks goes out to Kevyn for the tip!

Update: It has been brought to our attention (thank you Andrew) that the AT&T phone listed is not the Venue Pro but rather the Venue (android).  At a glance, with one eye closed and squinting the other, the two phones look similar.  We've updated the post to reflect that only the T-Mobile version of the Venue Pro remains available under contract.

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