A reliable tipster has just sent us Dell's roadmap for 2011 on both the tablet and smartphone fronts. While naturally Windows Phone doesn't make an appearance on the slate side of things (check out sister-site Android Central for that scoop), we do see plenty of awesomeness from Dell for Windows Phone.

To wit: the Dell Wrigley, due out in July 2011 with a 1GHz processor, a 4" WVGA screen, an 8 megapixel camera on the back capable of 720p video recording. What's more, the Wrigley is branded as "Windows Phone 7 Next Gen," which more than implies that a) a big Windows Phone update will come before then and b) the Wrigley will ship with it.

Additionally, we also see the "Dell Venue Pro MLK" (Windows Phone 7): Additional Features and enhancements" landing in mid-April. Near as well can tell, in Dell parlance MLK stands for "Medialess License Kit." Normally that would apply to, say, Microsoft office, but we have a hunch that in this case it applies to a software update - aka the very same software update that Microsoft has been touting all week here at Mobile World Congress.

That's the Windows Phone side of things. For the Android side, check out Android Central on the Dell Tablets and Dell Smartphones

Thanks Anonymous!!