Deluxe Moon is an impressive Windows Phone 7 application that helps you track lunar activity (here's our review). Lifeware Solutions has now released Deluxe Moon Lite, a free version of Deluxe Moon for those curious about moon phases but not ready to invest in the full application.

Deluxe Moon Lite, being a lite version, doesn't have all the features of the full version but can hold its own. Key features include:

  • Touch-n-turn the moon to change the date
  • Phase scan tells you when the next moon phase is
  • Automatic positioning by GPS or cellular network
  • Network independence: the app works anywhere without Internet or cellular connections
  • Flexibility: you can manually set any location, time, date and UTC offset
  • Displays current moon’s age: how far along the moon is in its full cycle and percent of the illuminated moon area
  • Full names of all moon phases
  • Zodiac sign (either Tropical or Sidereal) the moon is in
  • Moonrise and moonset times for your location as well as a Moon Timer to show the amount of time since moonrise and until moonset.

While Deluxe Moon Lite lacks the Zodiac charts, moon compass, lunar/zodiac calendar and other features found in the full version, it still offers a considerable amount of data on lunar activity. Just as with the full version, Deluxe Moon Lite presents everything in a graphically impressive manner.

You can find your free copy of Deluxe Moon Lite here (opens your Zune desktop) at the Marketplace.