Despite strategy shift, Xbox Entertainment Studios may still be alive and kicking

After taking the helm of Microsoft, CEO Satya Nadella had laid out a vision that would see the closure of the Xbox Entertainment Studios division through layoffs and cost cuts. However, as it turns out, the studio, which would be responsible for exclusive video content for the Xbox platform, isn't quite dead yet and there may still be some life left.

A new report on The Hollywood Reporter citing unnamed sources claims that Microsoft is now shopping around for a buyer to Xbox Entertainment Studios and it has approached Warner Bros. If a deal did go through, XES would be merged with Machinima, a studio that Warner has a stake in.

Still, it appears to be in the early phases with THR noting that a Warner spokesperson saying that the studio is "constantly having preliminary discussions regarding business opportunities with numerous companies at any given time. A conversation is just that — a conversation." Microsoft has not offered any comments on the matter.

Yet, even if XES isn't sold off to Warner or another buyer, it seems that the studio is still hiring. Despite announcing layoffs to the tune of a massive 18,000 across Microsoft, Xbox Entertainment Studios is looking for a new Creative Director according to The Verge. You can check out the job description in the source link at the bottom if you're interested in the position.

So what do you make of the recent chatter around XES? Do you think Microsoft will be abandoning the Xbox Entertainment Studios or will it keep the doors open for a little while longer before making a final decision?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, The Verge, Microsoft

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