The worrying news about Destiny 2 keeps on coming. In an interview with PC Gamer (via PCGamesN), Bungie PC lead David Shaw confirmed that the PC version will not have dedicated servers, saying: "It is a complicated typology. We do not have dedicated servers for Destiny 2 on PC." Instead, the implication is Destiny 2 will rely on the same peer-to-peer setup that Destiny used on consoles for multiplayer.

Though that's potentially worrying for anyone jumping on board the Destiny 2 wagon on PC, Shaw notes that Bungie is taking steps to optimize the game in ways that tackle latency issues that were a sore point for some players in Destiny:

We've done a bunch of stuff overall. We've heard that across the board, so we have looked at our tech and tried to figure out "okay, where can we optimize, how can we reduce that." So there is new tech coming, but I would say that, at the moment, it's not specifically geared toward PC. But again, we have things we are doing to kind of get to the last push, so we're very cognizant of those issues and we're definitely trying to deliver the best experience possible.

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All of this comes after news that the PC version of the game may not be available at the same time as the console launch on September 8. Instead, a release date for the PC version has yet to be determined. When it does arrive, however, Destiny 2 will be exclusive to Blizzard's launcher and storefront — meaning it won't be available via other digital storefronts such as Steam.

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