Are you ready for Destiny on Xbox One? The beta 'starts' tomorrow, but beta codes are now going out to those who pre-ordered. The beta is now live on all platforms.

Anyone who pre-ordered Destiny will have access to the Destiny beta. The beta wasn't supposed to start till July 23 for those on Xbox One and Xbox 360, but Bungie has started it a day earlier.

The team at Bungie finished maintenance earlier than expected and have opened up the beta to all platforms. We're currently installing the beta to our Xbox One and can't wait to play with you online.

Also, you'll want to play the beta Saturday, July 26th. Anyone playing at 2pm PDT will get a permanent reward from Bungie.

Did you pre-order Destiny? Will we see you on online during the beta? Sound off below.

Want a beta code? I'll be tossing out some over on Twitter (@samsabri).

Source: Bungie