destiny limited

Developer Bungie and publisher Activision have announced the contents of the special limited and Ghost editions of the long awaited sci-fi first person shooter Destiny, which will begin its beta test July 24 for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 game consoles.

Both the limited edition and the collectors "Ghost" edition will include access to the Destiny Expansion Pass, which will cost $34.99 on its own and give Destiny owners access to the game's first two downloadable expansion packs, which will cost $19.99 each if bought separately.

In addition, the $99.99 limited edition and the $149.99 Ghost edition will include the game disc itself in a SteelBook case, along with exclusive in-game items and real world content such as a field guide, a star chart and postcards. The Ghost edition will also have a Ghost replica with motion-activated lights and the voice of actor Peter Dinklage, who also handles the voice of the AI character in the game. There's also a letter of introduction and some "golden age relics" like a photo, sticker and patch.

For gamers who don't want to deal with all that physical content, Bungie and Activision will release the Digital Guardian Edition, which will be an all-download version of Destiny. The $89.99 price tag gives buyers the digital download of Destiny, access to the Destiny Expansion Pass and all of the digital content from the regular limited edition. The game will be released on September 9th.

What do you think of these special editions of Destiny and will you spend the extra money to get the included content?

Source: Destiny website