If you've been itching to get in on some more Destiny action, now is a good time. The first expansion pack for Bungie's sci-fi shooter, titled "The Dark Below," has officially launched and you can grab it now for $20 on the Xbox store if you haven't already.

For a quick recap, the new expansion serves up some fresh content in the form of three new multiplayer maps, a new raid, a new co-op strike, and a few new story missions. And of course, since this is an MMO, there will be tons of new gear to collect.

Hit up the link below to grab the expansion for $20 if you so choose. In the meantime, let us know in the comments below what you're looking forward to most in "The Dark Below."

If you had previously bought the Destiny Season Pass, you should be good to go as you already bought this and a second expansion pack, which is due early next year.

Thanks, Mark M., for the reminder!

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