Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

We’ve been hearing since the beginning of June that Microsoft, and specifically CEO Steve Ballmer, were prepping a major reorganization of the company to better reflect their new role as a “devices and services” company. Rumors were that we would hear about the specifics of the plan by July 1st but that time has come and gone.

Now, Bloomberg is citing a few sources on one possible plan for the company.  One move has Skype president Tony Bates being placed in charge of acquisitions and relationships with software developers, while current head of Windows Julie Larson-Greene (who was on stage recently at Build), would get oversight of hardware engineering for the whole company, including Xbox, Surface and what else Redmond has at their Skunkworks.

Microsoft's Julie Larson-Greene

Bloomberg notes, however, that these plans are not final and some last minute changes could still be expected, making this story more of a potential direction rather than a solid one.

Recently, Xbox head Don Mattrick left the company in a surprise move to head up Zynga. Evidently, Mattrick was being considered for the hardware oversight role before he left to be CEO of struggling game maker Zynga.

Speculation that Windows Phone chief Terry Myerson would oversee that division and some of the software of Windows 8.x is also still on the table, further teasing the idea that Windows 8 and Windows Phone will come closer and closer under a single head.

With the July 4th holiday afoot, we wouldn’t expect to hear much more on this reorganization until at least next Monday. But make no mistake, it will send some shockwaves through the company when it does happen.

Source: Bloomberg