Microsoft Surface

Rum: 7

Microsoft is expected to unveil its Surface range of Windows 8 tablets, both an RT (ARM) and a Pro (Intel / AMD x86) version to cater for most mobile PC needs. With the plan to set a high standard for OEM partners to follow, Microsoft has taken a bold move to start offering its own hardware to marry released software.

WPDownUnder has been able to uncover details surrounding availability for Australian consumers. According to a trusted source, Microsoft has been in talks with major retailers to launch the Surface instead of erecting Microsoft Stores. On top of this the source reveals this deal will be exclusive for initial availability.

Although the retailer cannot be named, WPDownUnder also notes employees will be able to get their hands on the tablets as they participate in scheduled national Microsoft Windows 8 training sessions in the run-up to the OS release next month. If that wasn't enough, the same source has stated October 26th as it's launch date, which would put it right next to the US release.

As for pricing, we're still stuck at speculation as its the case worldwide. WPDownUnder estimates an RRP of $699 for the 32GB version and $799 for the 64GB (presumably the Windows RT version). We'll hopefully have more details to reveal for others as the launch dates of both Windows 8 and Surface draw ever closer.

Source: WPDownUnder