WP Central The Developer Movement competition is back

Last year we reported on Microsoft’s Canadian initiative to spur on developers to create some great apps and in the process pick up some awesome stuff.

The system is based on points and from simply registering to publishing your app, you’ll be rewarded with some credits towards a long list of prizes. Read on past the break to see what you can get.

The list of prizes on offer is pretty extensive and so looks like you’ll be nicely rewarded for your hard work and devotion to the cause. As well as all that potential booty, they are offering 1:1 with an expert - get direct access to technical expert for consultation and of course that all important Peer Recognition  - your app will be eligible for the App of the Month and be promoted throughout Microsoft properties.

The top tier of rewards could entitle you to an Xbox 360 bundle, Canon EOS Rebel DSLR or even a shiny new Samsung 14” Laptop. Here is a list of how the points are gathered:-

  • Register for the Developer Movement 1,000
  • Publish a Windows Phone or Windows 8 app* 5,000
  • Publish a Windows Phone or Windows 8 app* using Windows Azure 10,000
  • Bonus for publishing 1st app* 5,000
  • Refer-a-Friend 200
  • Bonus: Refer-a-Friend who registers 200
  • Bonus: Refer-a-Friend who publishes 1,000
  • Complete a Windows Azure Lab  500

Here’s what the manifesto says

"We are the game changers. We won't settle for second best. We are the ones who know hard work pays off and that victory is only an app away. We know that if we don't build it, they won't come, but when we do, we'll create a phenomenon. We are the imaginative, the creative and the driven. We are going to Start Something!"

If you want more details be sure to head on over to their website and check the conditions and sign up.

Source: developermovement