AdDuplex Windows 8

AdDuplex, the Windows Phone developer promotion network, has announced its expansion to support Windows 8. The service enables developers to advertise their app in other applications who have the advertisement code implemented. It's not primarily a money-making scheme, but more for promotional and app awareness, something which is vital on any mobile platform.

With the announced support for Microsoft's upcoming desktop OS, the network will expand to accommodate developers who will seek to use the service for apps on the Windows Marketplace. Being cross-platform, AdDuplex provides a consistency across both mobile and the desktop, making it easier for developers to drive traffic to their projects.

For the time being, only XAML / C# / VB metro-style apps are supported, but others will be covered in due course. The AdDuplex Windows 8 SDK is currently in beta, but app publishers will receive a higher exchange ratio on the network as well as additional launch bonuses. The first five Windows 8 apps to make use of AdDuplex will receive 250,000 impressions that can be used to advertise both Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps.

Alan Mendelevich, founder and CEO of AdDuplex, had the following to comment on the network,

"Independent publishers don’t have to wait for a lucky break getting noticed by platform vendors, while watching large studios passing them by. They can help each other get the visibility they deserve."

Developers can check out the Windows 8 SDK on the AdDuplex website, which is a free download for all registered users. The service will also be including support for Windows Phone 8, once released, which will provide a complete network covering Microsoft platforms.

Source: AdDuplex