The popular developer resource which aids those who are looking to create content for Windows Phone has been rebranded to better reflect Windows system coverage. WPGeek is now GeekChamp, but fear not as everything remains the same under the hood. The website is sporting a new logo and domain name, with a few giveaways to boot.

Windows resources will be added in the near future, but 50 percent of the focus will remain on Windows Phone. But what about the giveaways? The first is a Syncfusion Essential Studio for Windows Phone (worth $99) for free. To be able to take advantage of the added controls, all that's required is a purchase of the GeekChamp "Windows Phone Toolkit in Depth" 3rd edition e-book. If you've already got a copy, you're also eligible for the giveaway. 1-year's worth of support and updates is included.

To help provide an incentive for developers to create development resources for Windows Phone and Windows 8, the GeekChamp team will be giving away a component of choice to those who write up a development article. Component authors will be compensated in the giveaway so no one loses out. It's a pretty sweet deal and one we're sure will be taken advantage of.

Source: GeekChamp