Briquid Mini

If you are a fan of the recent Windows Phone game Lines, then you might want to check out the newly launched puzzle game Briquid Mini. It comes from the same development team, Gamious, and both are also published by Game Troopers.

Briquid Mini is a retro-style game in the vein of titles like Breakout, with some new twists:

"In Briquid Mini you have to break bricks and build new ones in order to solve 100 unique and challenging levels. Some of its amazing retro-style puzzles will take minutes to solve, others will take days. Solve all the levels and then challenge the Gamious team and beat their score! Sounds easy, uh?"

  • Loads of bricks to build and smash.
  • Over 100 reservoirs to fill with 100% water.
  • Simple, pure gameplay with an upgraded retro look and feel.
  • Gravity direction changes that will turn your puzzle world view upside down.

On top of all that, there are also Xbox achievements to unlock in the game. Let us know what you think of Briquid Mini in the comments.

Download Briquid Mini from the Windows Phone Store ($2.99)

QR: Briquid Mini

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