Lets catch up on a couple things here:

  1. Developers currently have build 7661 of Mango
  2. Build 7720 is the RTM version
  3. Microsoft has strongly suggested devs are getting an updated build

That last part comes from Microsoft's own Cliff Simpkins who tweeted last evening in response to this very question. His answer? "Give me a day to get an official answer for folks :)" He also noted in comments on the Windows Phone Blog "We're working to get devs an updated build soon. Stay tuned to the dev blog."

At this point, we're highly confident that developers will be getting an updated Mango build and we think it will be very soon. In fact, the Windows Phone Dev Podcast just tweeted a little while ago "we've got 7,712 reasons for you to look forward to tomorrow". While a build 7712 is not 7720, it's "close enough" as we know that build 7710 went to Nokia for the Sea Ray.

Hey, as someone with three phones running Mango, we think this sounds just peachy. (Free pun!)

via: Professeur Thibault