Windows Developers

Developers, we’ve got some news for you if you have or are planning to do a beta for your Windows Phone app. Microsoft has made some updates to how beta apps work based on developer feedback. The biggest change? Beta apps no longer expire.

In a posting on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, Microsoft details how beta apps no longer have an expiration date and the Dev Center app has a new “markets” view.

There’s a huge majority of readers out there you have been part of beta period for a Windows Phone app. Whether it was Phonly or Digitally Imported beta, at some point the beta app itself expired on your phone. If the beta testing period wasn’t over a developer would need to create a new listing for beta testers. That expiration of beta apps would take place 90 days after the creation date.

Going forward, Microsoft has opted to remove that restriction. Existing beta apps will still have that limitation, but any new beta apps will lack an ability to expire.

Dev Center Beta Apps

The official Dev Center app for Windows Phone also picked up a small update today. You’ll see a new view that gives you an overview of your apps performance in a variety of markets. Things like per-market breakdown of downloads, ratings, and reviews will be sorted by country. Want the app? Pick it up in the Windows Phone Store or use the QR code below.

Developers, what are your thoughts on the removal of the expiration date for your beta apps?

Source: Microsoft