In a blog post on Windows Phone Developer Blog, Microsoft has announced support for Facebook Login on Windows and Windows Phone 8. This would allow developers to tap into the Facebook social graph to enhance their app’s experience and open up the app to new customers.

Facebook Logim

While this would improve the user experience for users since they won’t need to log in again if they are already logged in to the Facebook app, it would also reduce the amount of code that the developers need to write for their app to log in to Facebook. If the user is already logged in to the Facebook app, then the Facebook Login experience is seamless. The app initiates login and the Facebook app takes care of showing any authorization screens. On completion, the app is called back with the access token and can interact with Facebook.

One thing that needs to be pointed out is that this feature is being rolled out as part of the Facebook Beta app (version 5.2) as of now. Because the Facebook Beta app is not yet widely used by Windows Phone users and requires a special link to install, developers are advised to hold off on releasing apps that use this feature until the broadly distributed Facebook app is updated for the same. 

For details, instructions to set it up, and code sample, head to this post on the Windows Phone Developer Blog.