Samsung with MAGLDR via DFT

We're still working details on this but good new for Samsung Focus owners who have been left by the wayside of the custom ROM front. DFT has evidently made progress on adding MAGLDR to a Samsung Focus. Of course now you're wondering what is MAGLDR? From the blog TechChasse discussing the HD2:

"Developed by senior XDA-Developers forum member and DFT (Dark Forces Team) developer Cotulla, MAGLDR is a custom bootloader for HTC HD2. A bootloader is the first piece of code that executes upon boot; it loads the operating system and gives control of the device to it. MAGLDR does not replace the default bootloader installed on your phone but rather runs immediately after it, thus retaining your bootloader and making it safe to uninstall MAGLDR while still being able to boot the phone.

Apart from booting the operating system, MAGLDR also gives you an advanced yet easy-to-use interface to install, uninstall and manage operating systems on your device. Those familiar with Android customization might find it similar to a custom Android recovery, with a difference that it allows you to install and boot into even one of the most popular Android recoveries – ClockworkMod!"

Like we said, we're trying to work on the details, but what this basically means is that custom ROMs can finally come to at least the Focus, but perhaps even newer devices like the Focus S and Flash.

Source: Dark Forces Team; Thanks, talan1314, for the tip!