It's been awhile since we talked about DFT's custom ROMs for Windows Phone 7, specifically those ROMs for Gen 1 HTC devices. Part of that is because most of us are pretty happy with our ROMs and the other is most of us have the latest version to boot. Still, the appeal of having a completely unlocked OS with a few bonus features is appealing.

DFT is hard at work with the follow up to their original release and in a threat at ol' XDA they have an informal poll about how to support languages (keep the same, go back to an older style, WWE + one language).  But in a small P.S. to the users, they drop the fact that they've figured out WiFi tethering/Internet Shaing for HTC devices--something that's been tough for 1st Gen HTC phones to hack on as of this moment.

And as a nugget of hope for our CDMA friends, when asked about future CDMA support which so far has gone missing, they chime in with "you will get it soon". Sounds good to us and certainly makes the idea of a custom ROM a little more tempting. Then again, you'll still have to wipe the device clean to do this, a hurdle which won't be fixed in #2, so maybe not.

Thanks, Chris P., for the tip using our app!