Mike Calligaro puts up a fairly long blog posting on what seems to be a fairly short topic - the fact that YATQKMS (Yet Another Thin, QWERTY Keyboard Windows Mobile Smartphone) devices like the Q or the Dash don't have those "ABC", "DEF" etc. buttons on their number pads, so dialing named-800 numbers can be a pain sometimes. ...This isn't a pain I've ever felt personally, but apparently there are some that do.

Instead of just laughing at these oddballs, Calligaro actually goes into some depth about how WM's dialer works and offers a couple solutions (including suggesting you search for a hack). The fun bit, though, is at the very end, where he says that while he can't make promises, Microsoft's WM team wants to.

...of course, using a Pocket-PC Smartphone like the Treo solves the problem neatly - by including a touch-screen dialpad like my Treo's, pictured.

As always, I can't announce features.  But I will say that the Q is one of the hottest selling Windows Mobile devices ever.  And the general category of QWERTY Smartphones is doing very well.  While we don't consider the ability to dial personalized phone numbers the most important feature on a phone, we do recognize that it's an important feature.  So, while I can't announce features or dates or even promise that anything will be done, I can say that we want to provide a real solution that's better than the user ones above.

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