Summarizing our iPhone 4S summary - the handset lags in terms of innovation and improvements that many Apple fans were hopeful of, especially a new design. What's positive from the keynote is what this means for manufacturers on Android and Windows Phone (as well as other platforms). HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Acer, Dell and the rest now have the opportunity to push forward beyond the reaches of the iPhone in this brawl.

DigiTimes has learned from industry sources that the iPhone 4S is now lagging behind mainstream smartphones:

"The iPhone 4S comes without a larger display and with a download speed of only 14.4Mbps for HSPA, and does not support LTE and NFC technologies although it is powered by a more powerful processor and comes with more advanced camera and video functionality, the sources pointed out.

Although Apple also launched an entry-level 8GB iPhone 4 and cut the price of its iPhone 3GS, the effectiveness of such tactics will be limited as iPhone fans will still prefer to buy new models and the low-priced iPhones will not be able to compete with Android phones in the entry-level segment, commented the sources."

We only have to look at HTC's beast of a handset - the Titan - to see how far behind the iPhone is. Not only does the HTC Windows Phone boast an incredible screen with a simple, but elegant UI, but it's not featuring immense horsepower that drains battery. Simply because it doesn't require it (although having dual core will of course improve games and multi-tasking).

It's all down to Nokia and other manufacturers now to shows consumers what they've got up their sleeves.

Source: DigiTimes